Daniel Holz

Enrico Fermi Institute

5741 S. Drexel Ave

Chicago, IL 60637

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January 28–31 APS “April” meeting (Chair), Washington D.C.

February 5–11 Aspen Winter conference, “The Dawning Era of Gravitational-Wave Astrophysics” (Organizer) Aspen CO

February 13–15 Kavli National Academy Symposium, Irvine CA

May 8–9 BHI Inaugural Conference, Harvard

May 17–21 Black Holes in the Spotlight, Seven Pines Symposium, Stillwater, MN

July 10–August 4 Astrophysics with gravitational wave detections, Kavli Summer Program in Astrophysics, Copenhagen

August 14–17 Asian-Pacific School and Workshop on Gravitational and Cosmology (Lecturer), Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

August 28–September 1 LIGO/Virgo collaboration meeting, CERN, Geneva


Feb 18 Special colloquium, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

March 14–18 LIGO collaboration meeting, Caltech

April 16–19 APS April meeting, Salt Lake City, UT

August 1–12 Astrophysics from LIGO’s First Black Holes (KITP rapid response workshop; co-Organizer), Santa Barbara CA

September 19–21 Einstein’s Outrageous Universe (KICP short course; Organizer)

October 19–21 Gravitational waves and cosmology (LISA workshop), Hamburg


January 4–8 AAS meeting, Seattle, WA; invited talk in special session “The Quest for Gravitational Waves, 100 years After Einstein”

March 16–19 LIGO collaboration meeting, Caltech

April 14–17 eLISA cosmology workshop, CERN

May 6–7 Workshop on the future of gravitational waves, Silver Spring, MD; multi-messenger lead

June 7–12 General relativity and gravitation: a centennial perspective, PSU; Chair of Gravitational Waves: Event Rates session

August 8 Listening to the Universe, Mind Museum, Manila, Philippines

August 31–September 3 LIGO collaboration meeting, Budapest


January 13–16 Cosmology on the Beach, Los Cabos, Mexico

February 26 Physics Colloquium, University of Michigan

April 1 Physics Colloquium, Ohio State University

April 5–8 APS April meeting, Savannah, GA

May 18–23 LISA X Symposium, Gainesville, FL

June 16–July 4 “Ultra-Compact Binaries as Laboratories for Fundamental Physics” and “Fast and Furious: Understanding Exotic Astrophysical Transients” workshops, Aspen Center for Physics

July 7–25 Santa Fe Cosmology Workshop, Santa Fe, NM

August 25–29 COSMO-14, Chicago

September 18 Colloquium, Harvard

October 6–8 Transient Phenomena in Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2nd GMT science meeting, Smithsonian, Washington DC


April 13–16 APS April meeting, Denver, CO

May 20–24 Science from the first gravitational wave detections, South Padre Island

June 2–15 Gravitational waves: revolution in astronomy and astrophysics, Yukawa Institute, Kyoto, Japan

July 8–12 GR20, Warsaw, Poland

July 15–17 Albert Einstein Institute, Berlin, Germany

July 22–23 APC, Paris, France

August 5–15 Los Alamos National Laboratory, NM


April 30–May 4 Connecting the Electromagnetic and Gravitational Wave Skies in the Era of Advanced LIGO, PCTS, Princeton University

May 14–17 Identifying Tests of General Relativity in Astrophysical

Systems, Sackler conference, Harvard

August 27–September 21 Chirps, Mergers, and Explosions, KITP, Santa Barbara

November 10 Program meeting, APS headquarters, Washington DC


January KIPAC, Stanford

January 28 BruceFest, University of Chicago

April 14 Astrophysics Colloquium, Harvard

April 28–March 2 APS meeting, Anaheim, CA

May 22–June 12 Multi-messenger Astronomy workshop, Aspen, CO

June 7 Heinz Pagels Memorial Lecture, Aspen, CO

October 6 Astronomy Colloquium, Yale

October 6–9 Why is there anything?, Yale

October 27–28 Gravitational wave open data workshop, LIGO-Louisiana

November 4–5 Midwest relativity meeting, UIUC

December 1 Astrophysics Colloquium, Stanford


January 27–31 Physics Colloquium, UCSD

February 11–21 Formation and Evolution of Black Holes, Aspen Winter Conference

March 23–28 SnowPAC, Utah

April 20 Astrophysics Colloquium, MIT

May 28–June 6 Institute for the Early Universe, Seoul, Korea

June 21–July 4 Gravity & Cosmology workshop, Yukawa Institute, Kyoto

July 5–July 16 Institute for Physics and Math of the Early Universe, Tokyo

November–December KIPAC, Stanford

December 2–3 Challenges to Probing Dark Energy workshop, Stanford


January 25–February 1 Understanding the Dark Sector, Aspen

February 4–6 SnowPAC, Utah

February 23–March 13 Dark Energy Workshop, Galileo Galilei Institute, Florence

June 22–26 Amaldi Conference, Columbia University

August 3–14 IAU general assembly, Rio de Janeiro

October 1–2 Univ. of Arizona/Steward Observatory/NOAO Colloquium, Tucson

November 11–13 Physics Colloquium, Caltech

November 15–17 Shuttle launch! (STS-129), Kennedy Space Center