The Dawning Era of

Gravitational-Wave Astrophysics


The detection of binary black hole mergers has ushered in the era of gravitational-wave astrophysics. This conference will discuss the GW detector network, the scientific output from LIGO’s first science run (O1), the progress of the second run (O2; expected to be ongoing during the conference), and expectations for the future of gravitational wave astronomy. We expect to focus on the following broad topics:

• GW Detectors

• GW data analysis and waveform modeling

• Current GW results

• Astrophysical repercussions of GW measurements, EM follow-up

• The future of gravitational-wave astrophysics

Application deadline is November 15, 2016. Please complete your application here.


Rana X. Adhikari, Caltech

Patrick Brady, UW-Milwaukee

Alessandra Buonanno, Albert Einstein Institute

Laura Cadonati, Georgia Institute of Technology

Daniel Holz*, University of Chicago

Mike Landry, LIGO/Caltech

Nergis Mavalvala, MIT

    *Denotes physicist in charge of diversity

The Aspen Center for Physics is committed to a significant participation

of women and under-represented groups in all of its programs.


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Conference Talks/Slides

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Monday AM, Chair: Daniel Holz

Laura Cadonati                        O1 results and where we are now

Chris Belczynski                      What LIGO’s O1 results have taught us about astrophysics

Duncan Meacher                     Open challenges and Future directions for LIGO searches

Monday PM, Chair: Patrick Brady

Nico Yunes                            Testing GR with GW sources

Carl-Johan Haster                 Precision Measurement of Black Hole Mergers

Richard O’Shaughnessy        Numerical relativity and GW data         

Stefan Ballmer                       Instrumental challenges with Advanced LIGO

Tuesday AM, Chair: Ilya Mandel

Philipp Podsiadlowski                Chemically homogeneous formation/SNe           

Bence Kocsis                             Disentangling LIGO sources in dense stellar systems

Zsolt Frei              Parameter Distributions of Eccentric Stellar BHBs in Galactic Nuclei

Tuesday PM, Chair: Rana Adhikari

Matt Evans                        Design targets for a new generation of detectors  

Benno Willke                     Lasers for 3rd Generation Gravitational Wave Detectors   

Belinda Pang                    Quantum noise in GW detectors: A New Hope          

Sunghoon Jung                Angular Resolution of Atom Interferometers

Ron Tso                            Beyond GR Test of Gravitational Wave Dispersion and Polarization

Wednesday AM, Chair: Richard O'Shaughnessy

Geoffrey Lovelace            Numerical simulations of merging black holes          

Steven Liebling                Charged black holes and binaries in Multi-messenger Astronomy

Jeremy Schnittman          Radiation Transport in Dynamic Spacetimes           

Eliu Huerta                       Analytical and numerical modeling of eccentric binaries

Wednesday PM

Science Cafe with Leo Singer and Marcelle Soares-Santos

Public Lecture by Rana Adhikari

Thursday AM, Chair: Neil Cornish

Michele Vallisneri                Science with PTAs                                        

Guido Mueller                     eLISA mission design                          

Zoltan Haiman                    Merging Supermassive Black Hole Binaries       

Luke Kelley                         Detection of Massive BHBs by Pulsar Timing Arrays

Thursday PM, Chair: Matias Zaldarriaga

Davide Gerosa                    The kick is in the waveform: detection of black-hole recoils

Aaron Zimmerman              The ringdown of rapidly rotating black holes

Sergey Klimenko                 Reconstruction of GW signals

Doron Kushnir                     GW150914: spin constraints on the merger time of the progenitor

Ilias Cholis                           Have we detected Dark Matter in LIGO data?

Alex Kusenko                       Primordial black holes in the mass range relevant to LIGO

Friday AM, Chair: Jordan Camp

Leo Singer                        First Light: EM Follow-Up with Ground-Based GW Detectors

Marcelle Soares-Santos   GW/EM follow-up

Hsin-Yu Chen                   LIGO localization           

Daniel Siegel                    EM signatures of CBC systems

Juna Kollmeier                 AS4

Friday PM, Chair: Jim Annis

Neil Cornish                      Detecting the Unexpected

Ilya Mandel                       Summary & Discussion